May 2023 Owner Operator of the Month – Calvin Huff

August 8, 2023

May 2023 Owner Operator of the Month – Calvin Huff

Calvin recently marked his second anniversary with TSH, a significant milestone in his journey. When he’s behind the wheel, he fills his driving hours with the soulful melodies of gospel music, finding solace in its rhythm. Off the road, Calvin’s heart lies with his family, and he cherishes the moments spent with them.

For fellow Owner Operators, Calvin offers some sage advice: “Drive safely, maintain your equipment diligently, and always watch out for one another.” These words encapsulate the essence of responsible driving and TEAMWORK!

Reflecting on his time at TSH, Calvin treasures the freedom he’s afforded to choose the loads he takes on. This autonomy has been a cornerstone of his experience, enabling him to shape his professional path in alignment with his preferences.

Calvin attributes his success to a profound faith in God, which has guided his journey and provided the strength to overcome challenges. This unwavering belief has been a wellspring of inspiration, empowering him to rise above hurdles and keep moving forward.

Thank you, Calvin, for being an important part of the TSH family!
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