February 2022 Owner Operator of the Month – Abram Motton

March 16, 2022

February 2022 Owner Operator of the Month – Abram Motton

Abram has been driving for TSH since December of 2020. Listening to podcasts and sports radio really gets him through the work day. The Breakfast Club is his favorite daily pod. When he’s not on the road, his life is centered around his family. He has four children ages 16 to 6 – so they stay busy! His wife coaches middle school and high school volleyball so when he’s not on the road he’s probably watching one of their games. They vacation as much as possible – it helps give balance to his life.


What would be your advice to other OO’s? Focus on today. Sometimes we get so carried away looking at the next three loads that we lose sight of the one we’re hauling now and that can lead to mistakes. I like to set small weekly goals but I always remind myself to get through today first.


What do you value most about being with TSH? Here at TSH you really feel like everyone has a vested interest in your success and when a company really puts the drivers first it shows.


What has helped you be successful? I wake up and ask God to protect me and cover my family then I hit the load board lol. The load board and our freight network is the key to my success. Being able to plan my week out and know exactly where I’m going takes away a lot of the mental stress because I can focus 100% on the load without having to worry about the business.


What was your most memorable load that you hauled with us? Driving down into the valley of Tecate,California to get a load of stone was crazy. The whole time I was empty driving down those hills and up the mountains with switch back turns I asking myself how am I going to get out of here loaded. I picked the load up right on the border wall I’d never been that close. It was a good experience, another notch on my belt.

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